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Turn a Run Into a Toning Session With Reebok Runtone Toning Shoe

The Reebok Runtone offers everything that the Reebok Easytone does, but allows exercise to be enjoyed at a much faster pace. Catering to the millions of runners and joggers, the Runtone is able to cope with the increased forces from a heavier heel strike, and the instabilities are redistributed around a broader base in the shoe for a more stable and secure footing.

In contrast to Easytone shoes, the Runtones feature 5 small air filled pods in the heel, and one in the forefoot, with the surface area increased than that of the Easytones to maximise grip. Three narrow rubber strips on the forefoot give much better traction for fast running, and allows the movement of air within the pods to be better controlled for added stability. Reebok Runtone shoes also feature DMX shear cushioning to better absorb the strike force generated in when the heel is grounded for a highly comfortable ride, with the foot propelled forward from the heel to the toes in a smooth fluid motion.

A MEVA midsole has also been added to improve the cushioning for higher impact exercises, to reduce the shockwaves further still. However not everything has been tweaked and changed in the Runtone, as the shoes feature the very same Smoothfit seamless lining which made their forerunners such a popular, and comfortable choice. With all the seams kept well away from the feet, the potential for irritation and blister formation is greatly reduced.

The Runtone was the first toning shoe released purely for running, and has allowed those who enjoy a faster pace of exercise to get similar toning benefits as walkers. For those wanting to tone faster and lose weight quickly, they are the perfect choice.

Men's Runtone shoes are some of the most popular men's toning shoes, thanks to their cool styles and colours and helped in no small part by high profile sportsmen and women who have been spotted wearing the shoes to improve strength and stamina when training. The footwear offers great wellness benefits, increasing flexibility in the feet, encouraging a greater range of muscles to come into play, and helping to condition the body to prevent injuries. They help to bring new life back into tired feet, and are great for building up strength, stamina and endurance.

With few choices of toning shoes on the market which purely cater to runners and joggers, they have become an instant hit, although now it is possible to get even faster toning by combining the shoes with the latest range of Reebok toning clothing. The new Reebok toning apparel adds resistance to any workout, to get the muscles working even harder, with a range of tops and pants for a more intensive full body workout. When worn in conjunction with the shoes, toning and shaping becomes easier than ever before, and if you are not much of a runner, and prefer to take your exercise in the gym or at fitness classes, Reebok have the Traintone, the ideal partner for any gym based exercise routine. No matter how you take your exercise, if you want to get more bang for your buck, you can't go far wrong with the Reebok Reetone collection.