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The Springboost Sporting Advantage

Springboost footwear offers far more than simply improving toning, and whilst many toning shoes will get the body working harder with each step and correct the posture, they are not best designed for sport. To get the body toned faster during sports and training Springboost use a number of technologies which not only strengthen and tone the muscles faster, but add stability, improve the range of movement and get the get the muscles working at the optimum level.

Springboost use technology which is easily incorporated into a high performance sports sneaker, without having to increase the profile of the shoes. Looking at the footwear you would not realise that the shoes are anything other than performance sports trainers. However when you put them on your feet you will soon realise the benefits. The shoes feature a negative heel, which is all but unnoticeable to onlookers, but makes a huge difference to the body. Simply standing in the shoes corrects the posture, brings the body weight back onto the heels, and gets the muscles and bones of the body into the proper alignment.

The posture change helps to ease muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulders and improves the efficiency of movement, helping to prevent many common injuries which can result in sports from poor posture. With the body moving efficiently, less energy is wasted and the muscles work at their optimum level. With the body back on the heels the muscles and ligaments in the feet are placed in a pre-stretched position, ensuring the maximum range of movement to improve speed and strength. The shoes improve the level of dorsiflexion, or the rolling of the foot from heel to toe, which helps to increase the range of muscle fibres used when exercising for faster toning. The shoes will even get you running faster, walking more efficiently, and will boost jump height by increasing the length of the muscle chain to get maximum power.

Other shoes use a negative heel, however only Springboost have the Energy Plate. The Energy Plate is a PU device, ergonomically shaped to match the anatomy of the foot. It increases dorsiflexion further as the bodyweight transfers to the forefoot. The extra stretch helps to reduce energy loss from the push off and can help to get that little bit more height and power when jumping or running.

The final part of the design allows for customisation of the shoes for an individual fit. The insoles of the shoes are interchangeable to offer differing degrees of dorsiflexion enhancement. The design allows those with poor foot flexibility a chance to start gently, and improve flexibility in the feet before moving up to the maximum level of correction. The design also increases usage for times when the maximum toning and performance boost is not required, such as for a long and gentler exercise session.

The shoes improve wellness, body condition, and body tone and can even help with weight loss; however the biggest draw is the improvements they can make to sporting performance and the highly comfortable design. For anyone looking to get more out of high impact exercise, they are one of the few toning shoes up to the job and the only toning shoes which can legitimately claim to improve performance and give the extra advantage when competing in sport.