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The Project Khan Range Rover Vogue

Started in 2003, Project Khan is world renowned for taking some of the finest vehicles on the road and customizing them inside and out. Their repository of bespoked vehicles includes Bentleys, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Renault, Ferrari, Aston Martin and more. However, it is the Range Rover Vogue where they made their first mark and where the majority of their customization remains today.

The Project Khan treatment begins with the interior of the vehicle and a complete re-working of the guts of the car. Custom, rare woods, specialty leathers and ultra-premium audio components are installed to envelop the owner in one-of-a-kind luxury every time the step into the car. Headrests are outfitted with active TFT screens and flat satellite dishes are affixed to the roof to provide hundreds of channels of entertainment to passengers.

Under the hood, modded upgrade chips are installed that over-clock the engine and increase the horsepower and performance of the vehicle to well beyond their stock settings. Suspensions are often adjusted or replaced with performance components to help the Rover better accommodate more aggressive driving. Simultaneously, cold air intakes, sports exhaust and other minor engine modifications are added to help make the Range Rover Vogue perform more like a high-end sports car than a luxury SUV.

The Project Khan treatment ends with the exterior and giving each Vogue a one of a kind look and feel. Exterior treatment begins with a stripping of the paint down to the primer level. From here, a customized body kit is attached which modifies the trim level, giving the car a unique look which defines the Khan experience. After the exterior hardware is affixed, custom paint jobs are applied in a series of unique colors offered nowhere else.

Despite the exorbitant costs which is often times double that of the actual vehicle being modified, Project Khan remains one of the largest most successful aftermarket modification companies in the world. When the final product is an original, modded-out Range Rover Vogue that you and only you will ever own, can you really put a price on it?