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The History of Chanel

When you think of timeless design, of super high class luxury, and the most fashion has to offer, there is one word that comes to mind - Chanel.

The iconic double "C"s clasped together, the chain strap quilted bags, the strong black lettering, all are trademarks known the world over. Every "it" celebrity for the last 7 decades has sported her Chanel handbag, and it is the envy of every chic want-to-be. Chanel's designs have remained classic and have changed little in the many years since they were introduced, even throughout decades of changing fashions.

What most of the world may not know about are the designer's modest beginnings and how she maneuvered herself and her brand into one of the, if not the absolute strongest fashion brand that exists today, remaining at the forefront of fashion and style for over 70 years.

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel was born in Saumur, France, in 1883, although she would lie about her age her whole life. She was one of 6 children, and after her mother died and they were abandoned by their father, she was sent to live at an orphanage where she learned how to sew.

She opened her first millinery shop in 1909 with the support of her suitors. It was a success, and by 1913 fashionable women everywhere were wearing her hats. She then embarked on a clothing design campaign where she completely revolutionized women's fashion. Up until then, couture was constricting, with corsets, high necks, and stiff designs as the norm. Coco herself wanted to be free in every way, and lightened up women's styles by allowing freedom of movement and total comfort. She was the first to use jersey for women's clothing, which has previously only been used for men's undergarments. The light, fluid fabric brought ease of movement and became immensely popular. She also introduced more men's style fashions into women's wear, with boxy jackets atop knee length skirts, and pantsuits. Her most enduring design is surely the little black dress. Beforehand black was only for mourners or nuns. Chanel made it super sleek and effortless, the perfect piece to take any woman from day through night, classy to casual.

Coco remained at the helm of her business until her death in 1971. She had set out to create a legend of herself and she had succeeded. Her firsts, such as the little black dress, the pea jacket, and bell-bottom pants remain timelessly stylish. Karl Lagerfeld took over as the chief designer for the house of Chanel and has kept the house going, mixing the signature, Chanel pieces with stylish updates. He has been able to preserve the Chanel look by combining just the right, modern elements with the classics to portray a modern classic.

The most recognizable and desirable of the Chanel line is surely the purse. You'll have to pay up to $1000, or even more, to get this fashion symbol. Or check out the designer inspired version for a great look at an affordable price.