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Looking for a Tony Bowls Formal Party Gown?

I'm not the type of lady who gives very much attention to fashion. I work at home, so I basically live in jeans and T-shirts, and I do not even bother with makeup most days. Perhaps with regards to my clothes, I prefer being comfy to simply looking great. However, I do recognize that there are some occasions when I need to take things up a level or two. That's why I usually make certain that I have a minimum of one formal party dress, like the ones from Tony Bowls, in a current style hanging in my own dresser.

Although I don't have much in the way of fashion sense, I do know that there are actually few things a whole lot worse than showing up to an affair in a formal party dress that's hot five years ago. It would be like a guy wearing a leisure suit or one of those super-wide ties belonging to the seventies for an important occasion today. Trust me, there are plenty of women who quickly identify how old particular styles are, and who definitely are not bashful about letting loose with cutting comments. I certainly do not want to become involved in that sort of drama when I attend a black-tie dinner or ball, so it is much easier to simply give in and purchase a new formal party dress (or two) once in awhile.

Luckily, I'm able to purchase my formal party gown selections on the internet, which makes staying up-to-date a lot easier on my wallet. One thing that would normally hold me back from purchasing apparel from the internet is the size issue. We all know that sizes aren't standard and can vary from designer to designer -- or even from style to style on garments from the similar maker. I might be a size 6 for one manufacturer, and a size 8 for another. The very last thing I would like to do is deal with several returns as a consequence of acquiring the wrong size. But thankfully I have purchased plenty of cocktail dresses through the years from many different designers, so I often know exactly what size to buy no matter whose label is on the dress. Because I know my size, I can make the most of the many discount pricing that web-based stores offer.

I certainly think that knowing your size is the biggest impediment to finding the best formal party dress. When you have that factor under control, you can go ahead and start shopping around for gowns that flatter your figure and make you appear fantastic for all those special evenings when you want to paint the town red.

Every lady needs a formal party dress in her cabinet just in case she receives an invite to a wedding, museum opening, baptism, or any of the other gatherings that require proper outfit. When the time comes to purchase one, you can either spend 100s getting something from the rack at the local shopping center, or you can save from 50 to 70 percent or even more on designer brands by purchasing on the internet. Obviously, this is among the easier decisions in life!