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Income at Home - Review - Business Opportunity & Lead Generation

Income At Home dot Com has for good or bad been given a couple of new names. For what reasons we still don't have a clue but for those of you who have heard the commercials on many of the popular talk radio programs it has become a successful lead generation source for the many companies such as the Herbalife Corporation. This sales funnel system is successful for several reasons. First it capitalizes on a highly informed, better educated and higher income audience who have developed a bond and trust with the host of the program they are listening to. It is assumed that the host of the show has endorsed every commercial that is aired on the program which is not necessary true.

The Income At Home system is a sales funnel as mentioned. A sales funnel simply put takes the listener from a radio commercial to a direct response phone call or website opt-in to a small purchase of $10.00. After a 14 day review of the received information kit you receive a full kit purchase of $50 will be required on your part. If this decision is made on your part and you will be contacted by one of the company's business success coach's. The success coach's job is to funnel you or encourage you to join one of their multi level clients who use the company as a lead generation service or source.

The million dollar questions I have asked is concerning the claims or testimonials. Due to high level of responses and the nature of multi level or network marketing it is very conceivable to place and stack members joining in such a way that true success stories could be easily created and manufactured. If you are one of the many who are choosing to join Income At Home here are just a few questions you need to ask your success coach. First, do they provide leads to your new network marketing opportunity? Second, do they provide effective online training which includes lead generation which is critical to your success and survival.

Using traditional advertising and marketing techniques such as radio is a very costly but effective way of generating massive amounts of leads and new business but for who, you or the company? Unless they are sharing these leads and sign ups with you it will be your responsibility to find your customers and new distributors. There are many inexpensive and free methods which all are available online and can be learned at a reasonable cost. But keep in mind that if you are starting a business with Income At Home to start a business from home without learning how to market online is like buying a car without knowing how to drive. You are definitely putting the cart before the horse. So do yourself a favor and make sure you ask the proper questions, don't be afraid to ask the right question, the big question of where will your new business come from.