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Girls Wool Coats - What to Know About Them

Shopping for girls winter coats can be a tough ordeal. The length, fabric, style and price all determine whether you will be reaching into your wallet or not. Not to mention, your little lady has to like the coat since a girl who dislikes her apparel can cause a nasty fit every time she has to leave the house in it.

So when you are shopping for a girls coat, here are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the fabric tops the list for importance. A high quality girls wool coat will be made of at least 80 percent wool, if not 100 percent. Also, remember that cashmere also is wool. However, cashmere is a delicate, fine wool that should be purchased only if you have a child who is very careful with her clothing.

Don't look at a sleeve label and think that's all there is to it. This type of label may say the coat is made from wool and cashmere. On the other hand, the definitive label, which is sewn into the piece of clothing, will reveal if polyamide, nylon or other synthetics are part of its composition. Synthetic fabrics often make a coat feel stiff, which affects the warmth, beauty and comfort of the coat.

Next, you should consider the style. You have thousands of options for the type of style to choose. But remember that a coat with an open neck may chill your little girl. If there is fur on an open neck coat, it can help to keep your girl warm. In addition, if you choose an open neck coat, be sure to add a coordinating scarf to keep your lady warm during winter.

Lastly, be sure that the wool coat you choose has a lining. Even though most linings will not necessarily be warm, they will keep your child from feeling itchy from the wool.

Also, keep in mind that wool coats made in Europe may not be as warm as American-made coats because European winters often are not as frigid as those in the United States. If you do choose a European girls wool coat, just be sure that it is made specifically for an American market.