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Creating Your Personal Brand - Creating a Consistent Message

When the idea of creating your personal brand was first introduced, it was view as a self-improvement topic. As the Internet has become a resource used by the general population, personal branding has progressed to become more self-packaging. It usually involves an individual pairing their name with a product or service that they have created or provide. Personal branding is the way we market ourselves to others and this branding affects the decision making process of consumers. They often lean towards one brand or another based on their own personal opinions and perspectives. If a brand's stance is similar to their own, they are more comfortable with their purchase.

If you have your own home based business and are considering creating your brand, take some time and research the best way to approach it. Many people do not think about why they are branding or what they hope to gain. To be successful creating your personal brand, the way you are perceived should mirror your own self-impression. Find a niche where there are a limited number of competitors. Creating an online domain will begin the branding process. Many people also have business cards printed. If this is something you choose to do, it should have your name, picture or company logo, preferred contact information and brand slogan.

These are the by words that you wish to be known for. Examples are personal fitness expert, or executive life coach. The down side to business cards is that they can be lost. Since most people have a mobile device, try using an electronic card. You can send it directly to them and it saves time and money on printing costs. If you have an online business, this also shows that you stay current with the latest technologies. When creating your personal brand, add your resume, specific area of expertise and references to your site.

This will help establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field. Include a portfolio of your work that features your accomplishments. There are several social network sites that have been created specifically for people who want to showcase their talents. Profiles on professional networking sites will also help expand your circle of contacts and grow your network, creating your personal brand and solidifying it as a legitimate business. Regardless of which social networks you use, it is important that your profile accurately reflect who you are and what you do. This will help bring qualified leads to you.